* 1. At what level does your team operate (mark as many as apply)?

* 2. What is your team’s stage of implementation in providing children with a comprehensive curricular approach (e.g., language/literacy & social-emotional)? Briefly summarize your current efforts.

* 3. What are the primary motivating factors for sending a team to the 2013 Integration, Impact, and Alignment Workshop Series?

* 4. Briefly describe what your team hopes to gain from participation.

* 5. Please explain your participation in the QRIS system. If this program is in QRIS, tell us which ones and how will this training help you advance in the QRIS system. If not in QRIS, tell us when you will begin the process.

* 6. Provide a preliminary list of the 3-5 individuals that would comprise your multi-level team, including titles and or roles (individual names need not be confirmed at this point).

* 7. Primary age of children you serve?

* 8. What proportion of the children and families you serve are English language learners and/or from homes where English is not the first language.

* 9. Please describe some of the challenges you are facing in your current position/setting?

* 10. Please provide us with your program name, the contact person and details for the application, and the individuals who would participate in the series (name and professional role).

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