RSA Fall 2017 Schedule Request - Please complete this survey for EACH team that you coach.

** Note that U9 - U19 teams playing in the PYSA interleague DO NOT need to fill this form out; PYSA has their own schedule request form.
Fall 2017 Season Start Dates
U9 - U19 Age Groups: September 9th, 2017
U4 - U8 Age Groups: September 16th, 2017
RSA will attempt to fulfill requests related to recognized conflict categories that affect your team’s ability to field the minimum number of players required to start a game.

Minimum Number of Players Required for a Game:
• U4 - U8: 3 players
• U9 - U10: 5 players
• U11 and above: 7 players

Recognized Conflict Categories:
• School sanctioned activities (e.g. programs, band, choir, athletics)
• Boys/girls scouting trips
• Religious Holy Days that fall during the week
• Head coach of multiple teams in RSA Recreational League

* 1. Team Name:

* 3. Team Gender:

* 4. Coach Name:

* 5. Coach Email:

* 6. Coach Mobile Phone:

* 7. If you coach more than one team in RSA, list team names below:

* 8. Please list the date, time of conflict, number of players unable to participate and reason for the conflict.  If you have no conflicts, please write "NONE" in the box.

• Please remember that it is beneficial for each team to have an assistant coach that can cover for the head coach if needed.

• Normally midweek games will be scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday but there may be some exceptions.

• League play takes priority over any tournaments your team may enter.