1. St. Louis LWV Sustainability Study

The League of Women Voters has long been a leader in social change. We take the time to understand the issues and find a passionate place to stand that allows us to become examples of positive transformation. This committee puts forward a challenge to members, one that again puts us in the position of altering behaviors in hopes of building a better tomorrow. We contend, that as stewards of the home we call “Earth,” we are responsible for standing up to support Society in being the best it can be.

Knowing how to Play
The Challenge: How much can you change in your life? We’re going to survey each of the St. Louis LWV units in March of 2011, and come back and do the same in 2012.

Our SUPER SIX home targets: Leaky/Un-insulated Home, Heating/Air-Conditioning, Water Heating, Electrical Usage (EU) - (Refrigerator/Freezer, Lighting, General Appliances, Clothes Washer/Dryer), Water Usage and Recycling

And Remember the TREMENDOUS TWO travel users – Our Automobile(s), Planes

* 1. My League Unit is

Many families are turning this into a game, trying to get better each year. Remember, it’s more fun and easier to improve when you can see the results!

* 2. Do you look at your Energy Bills (electricity and gas) to track your energy use?

* 3. What about tracking the gas you use to drive?