* 1. Do you own a boat?

* 2. Have you sold a boat before?

* 3. If you have sold a boat, what was the range of the ADVERTISING cost for selling the boat?

* 4. If you have sold a boat, what was the range of the SELLING PRICE of the boat?

* 5. When selling a boat, how quickly do you expect for it to be sold?

* 6. How do you rate the effectiveness of the following advertising media?

  Very Effective Somewhat Effective Rarely Effective Not at all Effective
Newspaper classifieds
Magazine classifieds
Online classifieds
Combination of print and online classifieds
Online boat forums
Word of mouth
For sale sign on boat

* 7. Please rate the list below in terms of their importance to your decision of where to post your boat for sale ONLINE.

  Very Important Somewhat Important Not at all Important
Number of photos
Reporting to view ad performance
A la carte ad features to highlight my boat
Option to export my boat to other websites for additional exposure
Ease of use to create ad
Website that is well-known in my area
Website that is well-known across the nation
Other boaters' recommendation