Possible Fundraisers & Programs for Fall 2017/Winter 2018

Hello Cloverly Families,
Please take five or so minutes of your time to fill out the survey below. Your responses are a major part of helping us determine what fundraisers and other programs would be best for our school this FALL/WINTER (another survey will come out in Dec/Jan for Spring events). Your answers are anonymous, but feel free to leave any comments or your name if you would like. One survey PER FAMILY, please! We cannot thank you enough for your time and feedback! (Poll closes on 9/30/17)
Your PTA

* 1. Restaurant Fundraisers - A great way for Cloverly families and friends to have fun and socialize over a meal! We are increasing the number of restaurant fundraisers this school year and always trying to find new, tasty locations. Most likely we will have ONE or TWO restaurant nights between September and January. Where would you like our school to hold a Restaurant Spirit Night Fundraiser this FALL/WINTER? (Please indicate your top FOUR choices only):

* 2. Main Fundraiser for this Fall/Winter - NEED YOUR INPUT. Cloverly will most likely hold one main fundraiser for FALL/WINTER (other than Book Fair and Bingo Night). Here are some of the choices listed below, which include ideas submitted by YOU, Cloverly families and staff. Please see the flyer that came home in your child's folder for more specific descriptions of these options. Please indicate your level of interest in each of the following FIVE options:

  I am VERY interested! I am moderately interested I have little or no interest
Penny Wars
95%+ back or portion to TBD charity. Classes compete to collect the most $$ over a time pd. Pennies & bills increase jar totals, silver coins added to jars from other classes decrease totals. Three highest $$ classes earn a party.
Pebble Art /Beautification Project *subject to approval*
20%+ back. Families purchase pebbles to paint & be placed in neatly arranged, art display in mulchbed outside school. See flyer photos. Theme of inclusion/uniqueness/coming together as one.
Five for Five Challenge 
50% back to school/50% to Real Food Kids Montgomery. Students strive to eat 5 fruits/veggies per day for 5 days. "Tasting party" before challenge begins and fun party when it ends. Fun for kids & healthy theme.
Painting/Arts & Crafts Night
40%+ back. Paint Night for adults/older kids (w/take home creations) + creative projects for kids. May be combined with bake sale/Vocelli pizza sales, or Art Auction. *Highest voted event in Spring - Needs volunteers!  
"I'm a VIP" Auction/Ticket Sale Fundraiser (ongoing)
95% back. Cloverly families/relatives/staff vie for priority seating or parking (subject to approval) at school events such as Movie Night, Variety Show, concerts, etc. VIP pkgs offered.

* 3. We Need VOLUNTEERS and enthusiasm for these events! - In order to execute successful PTA events we need the help of dedicated parent/guardian/ and sometimes staff volunteers. There are small to large tasks, day-of-event tasks, and prior and post event tasks. Any help you can give is much appreciated!! We also need enthusiastic Cloverly famiilies to attend these events in support! In relation to your fundraiser choices in the previous question, please indicate how likely you are to help organize those fundraisers or attend/participate in those fundraisers:

* 4. After School Clubs for Fall/Winter - There are many possibilities of after-school clubs to offer at Cloverly this Fall/Winter, and we would like to know which ones have enough community interest to move ahead. Note that these possibilities are in addition to the following clubs already planned: Chess, Lego, Spanish, Creative Adventures, and Girls on the Run. Please indicate what new after-school clubs your child might be interested in for FALL/WINTER (Sept to Jan):

* 5. Other Programs that may be of interest Please indicate your level of interest in hosting these visitors at our school:

  Very interested Little or no interest
"Coffee with a Cop" with local Mont. Co. Police Dept. Community Officer - to chat with parents about safety, local concerns, etc.
Healthy Food Options for Our School Lunches with Real Food for Kids - Montgomery - to discuss salad bars and other healthy changes coming to local schools.
Police/Fire Department Visit with Cloverly students during school day - *subject to Admin approval - to speak to students on safety and decrease fears between kids and these public service officers in our community.

* 6. More Adult Enrichment - BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!  The PTA would like to offer CPR/AED and First Aid Training to its Cloverly adult community at a discounted group rate. This service would benefit parents and guardians, teachers, other adults in our school community and is sometimes required for employment or volunteerism in clubs/scout groups. This half day class would be taught by the American Heart Association, occur on a weekend at our school, and last approx. 4-5 hours. Please indicate your level of interest in this class:

* 7. We Need Your Feedback! In order to improve upon past PTA events/programs, we need Cloverly families to provide comments on what they liked, disliked, or thoughts about recent past events or programs. If you attended any of the events below, please provide a short comment about each. THANK YOU!

* 8. ...and finally, please TALK TO US! - The PTA would very much like for your voice to be heard! Your feedback is valuable, and we realize that the more input the school community has in these fundraisers/programs, the more likely they are to participate! Please tell us any other ideas for fundraisers/programs you would like to see at our school:

* 9. Contact Theresa Phillips at TheresaRick0728@aol.com if you have any questions/ ideas pertaining to Fundraising/Programs at Cloverly ES.