1. Learning about online repositories of educational resources

Education and Computer science researchers at Stanford University are interested in learning more about where teachers go online to get educational resources, such as activities, lesson plans, test banks, and anything else that helps you teach better. Specifically, we want to know what sites provide these materials and we want to know what teachers look for in these sites.

Any information you can provide will help us, even if you cannot answer all the questions.

* 1. What grade(s) do you teach?

* 2. What online repositories of educational materials do you know about? Please provide any information you can - name, URL, anything that would help us find what you're referring to.

* 3. Do you use any online repositories of educational materials?

* 4. What would you want in an online repository of educational materials? That is, what features would you find useful or what would make you want to use one?

* 5. If you are interested in helping us develop a repository of computer science educational resources by giving ideas and feedback, please provide the following information.