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Thank you for your interest in Beta Testing with Osmo.

Are you a parent with children aged three to ten in the US*?
If so, we would love to have you join our Osmo Beta Testers Club!

Here at Osmo we are constantly working on improving our products and developing new ideas. We would love YOUR input. Please fill out the information below to sign up for a chance to join our forthcoming adventures!

- Shhh, keep the secret!
Our beta testing projects are in development and strictly under press embargo and NDAs. Please refrain from sharing any information and images online.

- You gotta play!
By signing up, you agree to play and give us feedback, respond to surveys, phone calls, and email correspondence.

- If you are selected for participation in this program, you will receive email instructions pertaining the specifics of each Beta Testing opportunity and the dates during which these would be available.

- Please note that space is limited and sign-up does not guarantee participation.
We are growing the program every month, opening more spots in new projects, so you may be surprised by what opportunities show up in your inbox!

*Regretfully, at this time we are not able to have Beta Testers outside the US.

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