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* 1. How are we doing?
**Please rate the following aspects of your Sunday morning experience. (Each line requires an answer)

  Excellent Good Adequate Poor Unacceptable N/A
Parking Experience
friendliness of the Hostess and Ushers
cleanliness of the restrooms
Finding Your Way
Finding Information
Finding a Seat
Worship Experience
Song Selections
Sound Level in Worship Center
Temperature in Worship Center
Communication of UpComing Events/Activities
Look and content of the bulletin
Children's Church Check-In/out Process
Quality of Children's Church Program
Sermon-CD/DVD Ordering
1st Time Visitor Information
Quality and content of the video announcements (ALTV)

* 2. Do you feel comfortable inviting your friends to our service?

* 3. What level of confidence do you have in us to deliver a Sunday service experience that you desire?

* 4. Overall, is our performance ...

* 5. What do you consider to be the most important need in your life that can be addressed at our service? (i.e. Marriage, Parenting, Dating, Finances...)

* 6. How did you find out about our church?

* 7. Don't be shy... please provide suggestions or ideas on how we could improve our services and your experience in the box below