Welcome to the FAHS Survey of Historical Societies - Stage Two

This is the Second Stage of our Survey.  The first (General) Stage was conducted earlier in 2016 and the results have been published on our website history.org.au
A third (and final) stage is planned which will concentrate on matters such as financial management, succession planning and strategic planning.
This stage focuses on Collection Management and covers the following aspects
.    the nature and size of your collection,
.    the importance of different parts of your collection
.    cataloguing
.    digitisation
.    collection policies
.    accessions register
.    access to the collection
.    forward planning.
The information we collect will assist the FAHS in its work of promoting society needs and interests, and of seeking recognition and support from government and the community.
For simplicity, the questions use the term "your society" throughout, but it is not restricted to groups calling themselves "historical societies". Other bodies with similar purposes (for example, family history societies, heritage societies and museums) are encouraged to complete the survey.
After analysis, the results of Stage Two will be added to those of Stage One, which are already accessible on our web site
history.org.au. The reports will not contain any information that identifies particular societies.

Our Online Outreach Officer,  Dr Bernadette Flynn   fahsbflynn@gmail.com
and our Executive Officer,  John Davies  admin@history.org.au
are available to assist with the survey.