How should dentists interact with patients on social media? How should they respond to offensive comments from patients? Tell us what you would do in this survey from the ADA Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs (CEBJA).

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* 1. Alice, a patient new to your practice, who you know from the health club, would like to connect with you on social media. You have had some interaction with Alice outside of the office but more as an acquaintance than a friend. Do you accept her request to connect knowing that if you do she will have access to your more personal information and you will have more access to hers?

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* 2. Jerry, a long-time patient in your practice, is scheduled with your new partner today. Your new partner comes with impeccable references and clinical skills, and you feel lucky to have found him. After Jerry’s appointment, Jerry pulls you aside and comments loudly to you and your front desk so everyone in the office can hear, “This place has gone to Hell, is the other doctor even qualified to see me? He’s covered in tattoos and his piercings are offensive, it looks like he should be working at the tattoo place downtown. You should be ashamed to have someone like that representing your office.” What do you do?

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