As of January 1, 2015, the Ministry of Transportation modified the eligibility criteria for the purchase of or the attaching of farm plates to a commercial vehicle. Customers requesting farm plates will be required to provide proof of farm business through valid documentation.

Applicants for farm licence plates must provide verification that they have a farming business as defined in the Farm Registration and Farm Organization Funding Act, 1993. Ontario Regulation 723/93 made under this Act specifies that the annual gross income of a farming business shall be determined in the same manner as the gross income from farming of the farming business is determined under the Income Tax Act (Canada) for the most recent taxation year for which a tax return was filed in relation to the farming business during the eighteen-month period preceding the date on which the annual registration form is required.

The following questions will help navigate the Ministry of Transportation’s eligibility criteria for Farm Plates. This information is provided by the Ontario Federation of Agriculture for general information purposes only. The policies of the Ministry of Transportation override this information should any inconsistency arise.