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Tasmania's Central Coast area includes the townships and localities of Abbotsham, Castra, Cuprona, Forth
(part), Gawler, Gunns Plains, Heybridge (part), Howth, Kindred, Leith (part), Loongana,
Nietta, North Motton, Penguin, Preservation Bay, Preston, Riana, South Riana,
Sprent, Sulphur Creek, Turners Beach, Ulverstone, West Pine and West Ulverstone.

* 1. Is this your first visit to Tasmania's Central Coast?

* 2. What is the main purpose for your visit?

* 3. How did you first hear about this part of Tasmania?

* 4. If you have been to the area previously, when was your last visit?

* 5. Do you think you will return?

* 6. If 'YES', please explain why, if 'NO' please explain why.

* 7. If visiting from interstate or another country, where did you arrive in Tasmania?

* 8. How many nights in total will you/did you spend within the Central Coast on this visit?

* 9. If staying one or more nights in the Central Coast, what type of accommodation will you/did you use?

* 10. What destinations will you/did you stay at while in the Central Coast?
(Mark all that apply)

* 11. Did you, or do you plan on visiting any of the following attractions?
(Mark all that apply)

* 12. Did you, or do you plan on participating in any of the following outdoor activities during this trip?
(Mark all that apply)

* 13. Did you, or do you plan to do an organised tour?
(Mark all that apply)

* 14. While planning your visit to the Central Coast, where did you obtain information and how would you rate the quality?

  Not useful Useful Extremely useful Did not use
Trip Advisor
Travel review websites other than Trip Advisor
Visitor Information Centre
Websites with general information
Travel/guide books
Word of mouth

* 15. Regardless of this visit, how do you prefer to make holiday bookings?
(Mark all that apply)

* 16. Which of the following best describes your travelling situation?

* 17. What form of transport did you use/plan to use for this visit?

* 18. Please rate your satisfaction with the following.

  Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Excellent
Quality of directional signage.
Level of customer service.
Choice of accommodation options
Quality of accommodation options
Overall satisfaction.

* 19. If you could name one thing, what was the best tourism experience you had while in Tasmania's Central Coast?

* 20. What is the Central Coast missing that would enhance it as a destination?

* 21. What is the postcode of your usual place of residence?

* 22. Did you (or do you plan to) use GPS or mobile phone navigation applications to find your way around?