The Watertown Planning & Zoning Commission wants to hear from residents and property owners to help guide the update of the Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD). The following questions are about housing, quality of life, recreation, use of public land, access to services and amenities, and other topics of importance in Watertown.

Watertown’s POCD is a guidance document that sets policy priorities for the physical, economic, environmental, and social future of the community. The POCD will contain goals and visions, along with recommended action steps to work towards achieving those goals. The planning process involves assessing current conditions and trends in order to develop reasonable goals and strategies, and engaging the community in a dialogue on its future.

In addition to this survey, the Commission plans to hold Public Workshops for members of the community to ask questions and provide feedback on their vision for Watertown. The survey results, along with updates and information on the planning process, will be provided on the Town's website at 

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