Focus on the Community

Recent surveys received through the OCP process show that residents value protecting the environment, celebrating community and building the economy. The following questions will help staff to determine policy direction and goals for future social and community focused issues within the District. Please feel free to provide your comments and spread the word about these surveys. On November 15th, from 2:30-7:30 p.m. a drop-in focus session will be held at SEAPARC for everyone (including children) to come and share their thoughts in a written social community focused workshop. Join us!

* 1. Connectivity: Sooke needs to provide more sidewalks, trails, transit & mobility options to get people out of private vehicles, encourage face to face interactions and to help foster community.

* 2. Access: The District should work to secure key public views, access to the waterfront and open spaces for healthy lifestyles and fostering a personal connection to nature and the environment.

* 3. Design: The District should support well planned, sustainable community linkages, public gathering spaces, infrastructure systems and buildings that promote a healthy and balanced community.

* 4. Safety: The District should support Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) to enhance public safety through the physical design of the built environment, encouraging accessibility and positive social interaction spaces.

* 5. Food: The District should encourage support for local farmers, celebrate local tastes and the seasons, food connections within the community and learning about where healthy food comes from and how it is produced.

* 6. Leadership: The District should support the community's vision, cultural and social values and needs, while striving for economic, social and environmental balance.

* 7. Affordability: The District should encourage compact housing schemes & new business space options, creating affordable opportunities for business development.

* 8. Local: The District should support new and local entrepreneurs and family businesses, provide incentives for local job creation and increase opportunities for learning, mentoring and sharing experiences across all ages.

* 9. Ecosystems: The District should ensure that planning, design, development and monitoring of common, finite resources and species meet the needs of future generations.

* 10. Heritage: The District should respect T'Souke First Nation, and protect the local cultures of forestry, fishing and farming to help people remember their roots. Support the arts, family and giving spirit of the community.

* 11. Infrastructure: The District should provide support for innovative design in infrastructure systems to complement community social objectives, improve public access, public spaces and ensure sustainability.

* 12. Everyone: The District should make decisions based on the social impacts related to land, air and water and help build a resilient community for generations to come.

* 13. Provide additional comments below.

* 14. Thank you for your participation in this survey. Please provide your contact information if you are interesting in keeping up to date on information related to the OCP.

Neighborhood Map

Neighborhood Map