In BC, students are expected to learn things like spelling in English, verb conjugation in French, drawing in Art, and the structure of cells in Science. But you are also expected to learn things that are more general. These are things like:

1.       Communication: Can you talk or write so that people know what you mean?

2.       Critical Thinking: Can you think about a problem or issue and make a decision about it?

3.       Creative Thinking: Can you make new things or find new ways to do things?

4.       Social Responsibility: Do you make decisions that help others?

5.       Positive Personal and Cultural Identity: Do you feel good about who you are and the community you belong to?

6.       Personal Awareness and Responsibility: Do you know your own strengths and limitations?

We call these things Core Competencies. In this self-assessment you will be asked several questions related to these Core Competencies.  

Afterwards, you will be asked to reflect on your answers by doing some writing. 

Question Title

1. Please provide the following:

Question Title

2. What grade are you in?

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3. What is your gender?

Question Title

4. Who is your supervising teacher for this survey?

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5. Which Block are you in?

13% of survey complete.