International Student Loan Entrance Interview

About Your WCSL

Wabash College Subsidized Loans are made to students attending Wabash College at least half-time. This loan is need-based and may vary in amount per academic year. Wabash College is the lender and the receipt of these funds credit to your student account.

The interest rate for this loan is fixed at 6%. You are not responsible for the interest that accrues on the loan while you are enrolled as a student at Wabash.
This is a real loan. One in which you must repay after graduation. Interest will begin the first day of the sixth calendar month after the month in which you cease to be enrolled in the College (whether because you have graduated, withdrawn, transferred, or for any other reason). The loan repayment period is a term of 10 years.

Budget Wisely Budgeting puts you in control and will help you make better decisions about financing your education. Budgeting in school will also help you manage your money after you leave school. Finding ways to increase your income and decrease your expenses will help prepare you for budgeting your money. You can use our budget worksheet at for help in planning your finances.

Need to Borrow this much? When Wabash determined your financial aid award, it used a standard budget to estimate the expenses you would incur while attending school. This expense estimate is referred to as your Cost of Attendance (COA). If you can reduce your expenses to an amount less than the school’s estimated COA, you might not need to borrow as much as the school has awarded.

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