In an effort to better serve your needs and time constraints, we would appreciate it if you could take five minutes and respond to the questions below. Our local town government determines costs for services rendered here in town, the quality of our fire and police, our schools and the property rights that all of us share. We want you to be involved in that decision-making and are seeking your input.

* 1. Are you registered to vote in Yarmouth?

* 2. Do you vote in town elections?

* 3. Do you vote in Massachusetts & Federal elections?

* 4. Do you attend Yarmouth Town Meetings?

* 5. The Yarmouth Annual Town Meeting is held on the first Saturday of May at the Mattacheese Middle School at 9:00 AM. What is the most convenient meeting time for you and your family?

* 6. Do you prefer one meeting which results in a longer overall time commitment, or would you prefer if the town split up the agenda over a spring and fall date (2) to shorten the meetings' time?

* 7. Would you use an electronic voting option if the town could provide one?

* 8. What do you like or appreciate about our town meeting format?

* 9. What do you dislike about attending our town meeting?

* 10. What suggestions or changes would you recommend to town officials to improve voter participation at town meetings and at the polls?