Information Intake Form


In order to maintain an accurate database and record for our Parish, we would appreciate your assistance in updating your family's information. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Colleen Habick, Parish Administrator ( or Vestry member Robin Jackson (

We ask that you complete the form for your household and return to St Paul’s via postal service, placing it in the offering plate on Sunday, or leaving it in the silver drop-box outside the Parish Office. Even if you think your information is correct, please complete a form fully.

Specific Notes and Information about Parish Information and Submission:

Please complete the form fully. Each block of the form has space for electronic submission. Once you have completed the various portions of the form, it will be submitted instantly.

Please complete additional information regarding the rest of your household or family. Even if your spouse or children are not active with St. Paul’s or no longer live with you, please allow us to have their information in order to share news and invitations with them.

All information will be used only for Parish purposes.

Any information you do not wish to be published in the Parish Directory from your database information may be indicated in the notes section of the form. Birth years will never be published.

Basic Member Info

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Spouse Information

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* 2. Spouse Information

Child 1 Information

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* 3. Child 1 Information

Child 2 Information

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* 4. Child 2 Information

Child 3 Information

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Child 4 Information

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* 6. Child 4 Information

Additional Notes or Comments

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