* 1. Do you:

* 2. The former Doubletree Golf Course property is currently designated as “open space” in the PQ Community Plan.   Should the owners:

* 3. The PQ Glens community only has one entrance/exit – which is the Carmel Mountain Road / PQ Drive intersection.  During an emergency evacuation all traffic must funnel through this intersection.  Is this:

* 4. If you answered “a” or “b” to the question above…  would you be willing to invest your own time, energy, & money, and, even go to court – if necessary – to support your opinion on this?

* 5. I get most of my information on the golf course development from:

* 6. I don’t attend Rancho Penasquitos planning board meetings because:

* 7. My biggest concern about the development of the former golf course is:

* 8. I would like to see the PQ NE Action Group

* 9. The best way to stop this development is: