1. Sustainability survey

Increasing the efficiency of the energy, water and other materials in our home is what sustainable housing is all about. It is also about trying to reduce the negative social, health, environmental and economic impacts that the building and its occupants will have on the earth.

I am trying to find out how people feel about sustainable housing. Is sustainable housing something people care about? Do they even know about it? Do they think it's hype? Or are people trying sustainable options in their homes?

I will be running a series of surveys over time, trying to collect some information on the subject.

I will be posting the overall results on my blog at www.kwrealestateblog.com once the survey closes.

Please feel free to skip any question you feel uncomfortable with.

I appreciate any feedback or comments you may have! I will use them towards creating more effective surveys and better practices.

Thank you for your time!

* 1. Being sustainable is something I care about.

  1- Not at all 2 3- Somewhat 4 5- Moderately 6 7- More than average 8- Everyday 9- Almost constantly 10- I live sustainability I don't know
Please rate.

* 2. When buying a product, I...

* 3. I recycle at home

* 4. I compost at home

* 5. How many bags of garbage do you put out each week?

* 6. I use sustainable technology in my home

* 7. The top feature I look for when buying a new home is...

* 8. I believe sustainable and green technologies are important to the health of our planet...

* 9. I would use sustainable technologies in my home if they were available and affordable.

* 10. I believe the housing market should begin to offer more sustainable options to the consumers.