Rehabilitation and Inclusion Council: Purpose Statement & Survey

The goal of this survey (poll) is to obtain NASW members and the general public’s perception, as it relates to the mission of the Rehabilitation & Inclusion Council. It is the initial survey poll and as such, allows us to focus our outreach and supportive efforts. 

We seek to measure the need that community members may have in obtaining a working knowledge on the facts relevant to those with a criminal record, and impose such resources so that when the time comes for legislative efforts - members will have the tools to make informed decisions. 

* 1. Are you a member of the National Association of Social Workers?

* 2. As someone within the social work profession, do you (or someone you know in the profession) have a criminal record? Please include sealed, expunged or pardoned records.

* 3. Does someone with a previous (non-violent) criminal record pose a greater risk to public safety than someone without?

* 4. Have you yourself faced obstacles in the LCSW licensure process?

* 5. Do you know of someone with a criminal record, who has faced obstacles in the LCSW licensure process?

* 6. According to the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS), what constitutes rehabilitation when accessing public safety?

* 7. Does someone with a previous (violent) criminal record pose a greater risk to public safety than someone without?

* 8. The Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) uses what rehabilitation guidelines to approve or deny licensing applicants?

* 9. Have you been deterred from applying for licensure due to a criminal record? If so, what would encourage you to apply? (Check all that apply)

* 10. What should constitute rehabilitation when accessing public safety?

* 11. If length of rehabilitation is used to determine an individual’s risk factor, which length poses the least amount of risk to public safety?

* 12. Some licensing boards require applicants with a conviction, even if it's been judicially expunged, to submit certified copies of both police reports and court documents. However, applicants with arrest histories without a conviction, do not have to submit police reports. Would you support legislation that mandates licensing bodies to altogether eliminate the requirement for police reports?

* 13. Do you think social workers should apply for licensure if they have a criminal record or prior conviction, regardless if it's been expunged, dismissed, sealed or pardoned?

* 14. As a person who’s faced criminal record related obstacles in the licensing process, which obstacle(s) has been the most challenging? (Click all that apply)

* 15. Are you a Social Work Student who has been denied Internship opportunities because of your criminal record?