The Dartmouth Academic Commons Education, Outreach and Public Relations Committee, along with the Open Dartmouth Working Group, has developed a series of workshops for liaisons on topics related to the Dartmouth Faculty Open Access Policy, the Dartmouth Academic Commons, and related policies and issues such as author rights, publisher policies, scholarly collaboration networks and more.

This pre-workshop quiz is way for you to discover which aspects of these questions are easy for you to
address and which are baffling. We will use the results to further develop the focus of the workshops.

The first of these workshops will be held on Friday December 18th from 10-noon in Carson 61. We'll start with a summary of the results of this quiz and then engage in active learning exercises.

Advice: Just answer from your current familiarity with the questions. You do not need to research the answers. There are NO grades!
For multiple choice questions, there may be more than one correct response.