1. How well did you follow the directions?

* 1. Did you write a 30 second dramatization and post it on your wiki?

* 2. Did you create 10 "Did You Know" facts and compile your facts in PowerPoint?

* 3. Did you prepare a thesis statement? Did you email me your thesis statement and/or post it on your wiki?

* 4. Did you create a communications timeline? Did you post your timeline on a PowerPoint slide?

* 5. Did you create a survey in Survey Monkey? Did you email your survey to me before sending it to others?

* 6. Did you clearly explain how cell phones work?

* 7. Did you compare the price packages of at least two cell phone companies?

* 8. Did you defend your project thesis?

* 9. Did you use "The Cell Phone Junkie" blog as an information resource? Please explain.

* 10. What do you need to do to finish your cell phone project. How much time will it take you to complete it?