* 1. How did you find out about UnCooped?

* 2. What was your opinion of chickens before visiting the UnCooped exhibit?

* 3. Have you had much exposure to chickens prior to visiting the UnCooped exhibit?

* 4. Did the UnCooped exhibit change the way you view chickens? If so, how?

* 5. Please rank navigation of the UnCooped website.

* 6. Which section(s) of the UnCooped exhibit impacted you the most? Why?

* 7. What was your least favorite part of the UnCooped online exhibit? Why?

* 8. What do you wish had been included in the UnCooped online exhibit?

* 9. Did you find the resources on the UnCooped exhibit website to be helpful? Please explain.

* 10. NMAS is working on translating UnCooped into pop-up exhibits to be displayed around the world. What features of the online exhibit do you think we should include in pop-ups? What suggestions do you have about best communicating these features in a physical space?

If you are interested in hosting a pop-up exhibit, please contact us at info@museumofanimals.org.