Thank you for your interest in the Diabetes and Special and Vulnerable Populations Task Force Learning Collaboratives. We are excited to offer four unique learning collaboratives in the month of March, focusing on systemic, structural and environmental barriers and strategies for improving diabetes care. This series complements HRSA’s Diabetes Quality Improvement Initiative

Each learning collaborative will host four sessions in the month of March, addressing specific strategies for developing, evaluating, and supporting effective health care delivery models designed to meet the specific needs of special and vulnerable populations. Coordinators will ensure that learning materials are practical, providing information and enhancing skills directly related to the training recipients. 

You are encouraged to select one of the four available learning collaboratives to participate in. If you are interested in more than one series, please note that in question 11, and we will reach out to discuss how best to meet your needs. Each learning collaborative has four sessions throughout the month of March. 

Participation guidelines:

* Organizations must be FQHCs or FQHC look-alikes to participate.

*Health center staff will participate in all 4 sessions and will be asked about buy-in from leadership on the program requirements including attendance. 

Participation will take place through a video conference link. Additional support for participating health care organizations will be offered through ongoing technical assistance as needed.