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Although reusable bags are everywhere, the amount of people that actually use them on a regular basis is still quite small. The information you provide will hopefully help me design bags which are a little bit more convenient and enjoyable to use!

* 3. How do you generally get around on a regular day?

* 4. What kind of bags do you use to transport your groceries home?

* 5. What factors do you think keep you from using alternatives to plastic bags more often?

* 6. What kind of features/functionality would lead you to use a reusable shopper more regularly?
(Don't worry about being realistic, even if your answer is anti-gravity capabilities!)

* 7. What kind of handle do you prefer on a grocery shopper?

* 8. What do you find inconvenient/unappealing about the common reusable shopper alternatives?

* 9. Do you use green/calico bags for uses other that grocery shopping?

* 10. If yes, what else do you use these bags for?