* 1. How did you first hear about Rachel and Company?

* 2. Where do you typically get your information about organizing, home decor, and lifestyle topics?

* 3. What social platforms do you use most often to stay in touch with brands/companies?

* 4. Have you ever purchased an online course or book to help you become more organized?

* 5. Have you ever attended a speaking event or workshop to learn more about organizing?

* 6. Through which of the following online formats do you prefer to use to learn more about a topic?

* 7. What organizing topics and challenges would you like to learn more about and accomplish? (check all that apply)

* 8. What areas of your home and life would you like to get better organized? (check all that apply)

* 9. What is the single biggest organizing challenge you are struggling with?

* 10. How likely are you to pay for professional organizing services (i.e. home organization, closet and built-in design, organized home moves).

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