The Center for Community Progress is conducting a national survey to better understand how communities are using arts and culture to transform vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties into community assets.  We refer to this work as “creative placemaking” in this survey. When we say, “problem property,” we mean vacant, abandoned, and/or deteriorated property.

To gather input, we invite people involved with or aware of creative placemaking on problem properties in their communities to fill out this survey. We hope to gain a broad understanding of the types of organizations engaged in this work, how it is integrated into broader revitalization strategies, levels of resident engagement, project goals, and regulatory challenges.

We are specifically interested in learning more about creative placemaking projects that incorporate all three elements of creative placemaking on problem properties:

●        Takes place on vacant, abandoned or deteriorated properties.
●        Uses a community-centered process in which residents are engaged in shaping decisions in a meaningful way.
●        Integrates with other local strategies for equitable neighborhood revitalization.

By completing this 15-minute survey, your community may be selected to be featured in a publication reaching a national audience or in other educational programming or materials. Your responses will be analyzed collectively with other responses to help shape the Center for Community Progress’ creative placemaking research and programming. Your time and participation are very much appreciated.