Dear Android Google Challenge Participants,

ICT-ET in collaboration with GTUGs has created the following survey to better understand the reasons behind the low submission rate from Ethiopia vs other African countries. In fact, there were only two submissions from Ethiopia.

That said, we kindly ask that you complete the following short 10 question survey with accurate information so that we can develop the environment which will ensure that the Ethiopian ICT sector has more participants in future competitions.

We thank you for your efforts and will post the results at for you to review.


* 1. How did you hear about Google’s Android Challenge?

* 2. Which local Android Challenge events did you participate in?

* 3. Have you ever participated in these types of programming competitions/challenges?

* 4. Do you have software programming experience with mobile platforms?

* 5. Do you have software programming experience with other mobile platforms?

* 6. Did you develop an app for the Android Google Challenge?

* 7. What were the reasons for not developing or not submitting an app for the challenge?

* 8. Please describe your level of education:

* 9. Please describe your software programming skills

* 10. How has attending the Android development challenge event helped you?