Mistreatment in Aged Care Facilities

We are investigating the extent and nature of mistreatment of residents in age care facilities. Mistreatment includes physical or verbal abuse, use of medications or restraint to control behaviour and financial abuse.

We need your feedback to help us protect our loved ones and ourselves.

Please fill in the following survey to help us better understand the extent of the problem better. Your responses will be anonymous and used to inform our submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry.

Please note: We are looking to hear from people who are currently living in Victoria and are 30 years old and above.

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* 1. Have you experienced mistreatment (either yourself or someone you know) in a residential age care setting?)

* 2. Who was the person mistreated?

* 3. Does the person have any special conditions?

* 4. Can you provide more detail?

* 5. What was the nature of the mistreatment (you can provide more than one answer):

* 6. Can you provide more detail?

* 7. Did you take any action in response to the mistreatment?

* 8. What was the action you took? (eg report to management, formal complaint, withdrawal from the facility, legal action)

* 9. Did this action have any impact?

* 10. Why did you take no action? (eg didn’t know what to do, fear that it would make matters worse, didn’t have the time or resources.)

* 11. Has mistreatment reoccurred?

* 12. Do you believe this was an unusual occurrence at your residential age care facility?

* 13. Are there matters not covered by these questions?

* 14. Finally, what is your age group?

* 15. What is your postcode?