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We missed you in Invercargill!

<strong>We missed you in Invercargill!</strong>
This years Deer Industry Conference was put together to be full of informative sessions and great evening entertainment. We would have been pleased to have you with us to share the experience.

It's really important for the organisers to know why you didn't attend in person. We need to know if our programme missed the mark and what it would take to get you along in the future, what value you see in a national conference, our efforts via livestreaming the session and our YouTube based permanent records on

Your answers will help us develop a conference that you and other deer farmers are eager to attend when it suits.

Please be candid and tell us what you think. If you would like to give any direct feedback, you can get in touch with Tony Pearse, Producer Manager DINZ, on 021 719 038 /