Due to changes in the most recent budget, the NSERC RTI Program (Research Tools and Instrumentation), which supports individual equipment purchases of $7K-$150K, will be dramatically reduced in scale. Instead of funding approximately $30M worth of equipment yearly across disciplines, only $6-10M will be available. New processes are needed to deal with this reduced envelope of funding. In their consultation process, due to end September 28th, NSERC has provided two options listed here as Question one.

In order to assist the CSC in preparing a response to NSERC, we have designed the following survey, which will close September 24th. This survey will enable us to provide hard data along with our response to NSERC. Thus your participation will help CSC advocate on your behalf.

Thank you for your prompt participation,

Cathleen Crudden
President, CSC

* 1. How should the proposed cuts to the NSERC RTI program be administered? (note these two options are verbatim from NSERC)

* 2. How important is the RTI program to your research?

* 3. Researcher information: Please click the box that most closely represents your position

* 4. If you are an independent researcher, how long have you been in this position?

* 5. Please feel free to add any comments below: