Nonprofit organizations must be resilient in order to sustain impact through good times and bad. Resilience means an organizational community can prepare for and manage emerging challenges and is able to learn and grow from disruptive experiences. Organizational resilience depends on an effective infrastructure comprising programs, business systems, culture, and management + leadership.

Nonprofit organizations and their staff need certain conditions to operate effectively and manage complexity and change. This questionnaire is intended to gauge your views of these conditions within your organization.

Your responses to this questionnaire will illuminate organizational strengths and weaknesses and inform the best approach for sustainable improvement.

* Part I examines the effectiveness of the organization’s overall infrastructure, looking at programs and strategy (section A); business systems (section B); culture (section C); and management + leadership (section D).

* Part II examines your personal experience as an individual within the organization.

* Part III seeks to capture your overall impressions and further details.

Thank you in advance for your candor and your courage in taking this survey. We hope to work with you!