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* 1. Please enter the following information about your organization:

* 2. Please respond as honestly as possible, relying on your current beliefs and attitudes. Indicate your level of agreement with each statement by marking the appropriate choice.

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
The service-learning student(s) was an asset to our organization.
We are satisfied with the outcome of the service-learning project.
The service-learner was reliable in performing his/her assigned duties.
The service-learner was sensitive to the diversity of our clients.
The service-learner understood our organization's mission as part of the greater community.
The service-learner had a positive impact on our organization's efforts to meet community needs.
The amount of time needed to supervise the service-learner was reasonable.
There has been sufficient communication between the college and our organization.
We want to continue to have service-learners work with our organization.
I understand the difference between volunteerism and service-learning.

* 3. Did having service-learners increase the capacity of your program?

* 4. Please describe an example of how the people who connect with your organization benefited from the service of NWTC Service-Learners.

* 5. What benefits do you think the NWTC service-learners received as a result of their service with your organization?

* 6. Other comments, suggestions, or recommendations?

* 7. What are five ways in which you would improve this program?