Video on Demand - Labour Cinema

We really appreciate your time in completing this short survey. You will also be entered into our prize draw to win an original Norma Rae 1979 28" x 22" poster

Deadline: 13th October 2011

* 1. How many films do you watch on average each week? (think in terms of feature length movies)

* 2. Have you ever watched films on a video on demand (VoD) film channel?

* 3. If so, which VoD channel/s have you used?

* 4. Would you consider joining a video on demand film channel?

* 5. To access VoD would you consider:

* 6. Just for fun, can you name your favourite films about work/working people/labour struggle? (example Charlie Chaplin 'Modern Times')

* 7. Would you consider using a VoD film channel, specialising in labour cinema, that is curated by experts?
(would Include films that celebrate social commitment through film, that show the diversity and complexity of films treatment of labour and working people, and films that tell entertaining and heartfelt stories about work and working peoples lives, both locally and globally)

* 8. What kind of films would you hope to see? (You can choose multiple answers)

* 9. Are you in a film club (online/offline)?

* 10. What is your e-mail address?