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Seva is one of KRI’s core values.  The love of helping others naturally arises the more we practice, and we also encourage ourselves and inspire ourselves - knowing that helping others is a spiritual act, one of the many, many tools to uplift our consciousness, as well.  Modern science is also showing that helping others is a key way to make yourself more happy!

Given this emphasis on service, our community is FILLED with yogis doing amazing things to help others.  Every year since 2008, KRI has acknowledged one or more of these people with the recognition and honor of the KRI Outstanding Achievement Award.  

This annual award is to recognize past service, and inspire it in the future.  

Up until 2022, the KRI board of directors has selected the honorees.  This year, as part of a broader movement towards decentralization, we are trying something different - having open nominations and then having the entire Aquarian Trainer Academy select the honoree(s).

To be honest, maybe we won’t do it this way again next year.  There is something a little odd about voting for who you think did/does “the most service.”  But we wanted to try something that would engage more people, and bring to light more amazing sevadars that make up our sangat.  Of the people who were nominated, we asked each to send in more information about themselves and their projects.  You will find those here.

As a member of the ATA, you will have until 15 April to let us know who you think should be honored with the 2022 KRI Outstanding Achievement Award.  Based on the votes, we may name 1, 2 or even 3 award recipients this year.

No matter who gets the formal recognition of the 2022 Awards, all of the nominees are amazing teachers and sevadars.  Being part of a community with them, and so many more like them!, is inspiring and uplifting.  KRI hopes that this Award, and this process, will remind all of us of the beauty of seva, and be a great big “Thank You” to all the people making the world a better place.

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