Environmental Survey: Jamaica

Plastic Packaging Materials (PPM) such as scandal bags and Styrofoam constitutes for 12% of the Jamaican municipal solid waste stream. The versatility and convenience of these single use plastic items have now led to an alarming problem of plastic pollution in our natural environment. These PPMs have accumulated in our streets, gullies, rivers and beaches due to their non-biodegradable properties and improper garbage disposal. It is in our best interest to assess the management of plastic packaging in our society in an effort to move towards a more environmentally responsible Jamaica. 

* 1.  Do you think there should be a ban on Styrofoam / Plastic Packaging Materials (PPMs)?

* 2. Would you be willing to pay more for an alternative product?

* 3. What are the problems you associate with the use of PPMs?

* 4. What are the main environmental problems facing Jamaica?

* 5. Who should do more to solve the PPM problem?