3,500 signatures are needed to be considered during the upcoming Legislative Session

The Washington State Knights of Columbus License Plate is sponsored by the Washington State Council of the Knights of Columbus. The goal of this specialty plate is to highlight the presence and good works of the Knights of Columbus in Washington and to raise funds to support infirm and elderly Catholic Priests in Washington State. 
The anticipated cost for the Knights of Columbus plate would be $40 (in addition to annual tab fees). Of that fee, $12 would cover vehicle licensing fees and the remaining $28 would support infirm and elderly Catholic Priests.

A minimum of 3,500 signatures are needed before the specialty license plate can be considered by state Legislature. The goal is to obtain these signatures in order for the plate to be considered during the next legislative session. If approved by the Legislature, the plates could be available through Department of Licensing (DOL) by the summer of the same year.

Signature guidelines that will help WSDOT ensure an accurate count of supporters:
  • You must be a Washington resident for your signature to count
  • This petition must be filled out in full or your signature will not count
  • Only one signature per individual will count
  • You must intend to purchase at least one set of plates

While these signatures are intended to show intended purchases, submitting a signature is not an obligation to buy a plate. 

Please note that minor changes to the design featured above may occur due to Department of Licensing requirements.

If you have any questions about the Knights of Columbus specialty plate initiative, please contact SK Larry Devlin at ldevlin.kofc@gmail.com.