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Brookside's Telecom Consultant Database

To All Telecom Industry Consultants, Engineers and Architects - List Yourself in Brookside's Database. The benefits to you include:

• Learn more about and ensure you have access to the industry's Consultant Channel or Liaison Programs;
• Be alerted to new vendor consultant programs, solutions and technologies;
• Learn about vendor and industry events of importance to you;
• Network with and generate potential new business opportunities with fellow consultants;
• Receive a free executive summary of The Brookside Group's annual State of the Telecom Consulting Market Report.

The Brookside Group manages and maintains the telecom industry's most comprehensive database of independent communications/networking consultants, engineers and architects. Currently more than 6,500 consulting practices are registered in the database, representing more than 10,000 individual consultants.

The Consultant Channel or Liaison Programs of many of the industry's vendors use this database to reach out to consultants active in their served markets. These programs provide consultants with information, project support, and partnering opportunities.

Please take less than 10 minutes to complete and submit the following database registration/profile form.

Upon receipt of your registration, we will email you an acknowledgement and an executive summary of Brookside’s most recent State of the Telecom Consulting Market Report.

Thank you for your interest and welcome.

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7. On average, what percentage of your clients represents each of the following types of organizations?

8. Which of the following services do you provide to your clients? Check all that apply.

9. In which of the following products/technologies do you most actively consult on with your clients? Check all that apply.

10. In which of the following vertical markets do you most actively consult?

13. What trade shows and conferences do you regularly attend?

14. What trade journals and web sites do you regularly go to for information?

15. Which of the following social networking sites do you regularly use for networking, blogging, exchanging, etc.?