The Board of Directors for the Big Walnut Youth Baseball Association would like to hear your feedback and questions in advance of the Town Hall Meeting on September 29.

We would like your perspective on the type of softball opportunities that you would like to see help your daughters enjoy the game of softball. 

The Big Walnut Youth Baseball Association is a member of the Big Walnut Youth Sports Organization (BWYSO). All softball offerings from the Big Walnut Youth Baseball Association are in conjunction with the BWYSO.

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* 2. Rate your reaction to hearing that the baseball program intends to offer softball for the 2020 Spring Season.

  1- Completely opposed 2 3 4 5- Interested to learn more 6 7 8 9 10- Completely Supportive
Reaction to baseball program offering softball

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* 3. What questions would you like answered about the baseball program offering softball opportunities in 2020?

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* 4. Would you be willing to volunteer to help launch softball in conjunction with the baseball board leadership? (select multiple answers if you'd like)

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* 5. Will you attend the Town Hall Meeting to discuss launching softball in 2020 on 9/29 in the BWMS cafeteria at 7pm?

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* 6. Are you willing to have someone contact you about your interest in the Town Hall Meeting or any volunteer positions?

If so, please list your name and email address below (or cell phone if you prefer text messages).

The Big Walnut Youth Baseball Association appreciates your feedback. Your feedback and participation will help us strengthen the opportunities for our girls to enjoy the game of softball now and in the future. Thank you for your time.