2012 Goth Culture Awards of the Year

For the First Annual Vampirefreaks Goth Awards of the Year, we look at a number of categories that are important to the members and extended family and users of Vampirefreaks. In order to promote and support the Goth community and sub-culture, we are including a wide variety of Goth related categories in this Survey and we are looking for as much input as possible to provide the winners of this years 2012 Best of Goth Culture, a true sense of how large and who their supporters and followers are.
Our focus is on the darkly aesthetic, heightened sensitivity for the paranormal/fantasy/historical and other categories related to the Goth Sub-culture. Previous Survey's have shown us that the Members of Vampirefreaks are diverse, intelligent, passionate about their interests are varied. We look forward to getting similar insightful and relevant responses to our eight awards and will be providing one lucky Survey respondent with Vampirefreaks items as a reward for your participation. Thank you and look for the results within the next 10 days!
Don't forget to include your email and contact information in the first other question so that we can include you in the prize giveaway!

* 1. What was the best Goth-Industrial Band / Musician / Artist of 2012?

* 2. What Was the Best Gothic Fashion Label / Item of 2012? (Any price level)

* 3. Best Gothic Inspired, Atmosphere, Story or Visual Aesthetic Movie of 2012?

* 4. Best Gothic Video or Online Game of 2012?

* 5. Gothic Personality of the Year? Tell us who you think it is!

* 6. Goth Product of the Year? Cosmetics, Haircare, Gifts, Gags... anything we in the dark aesthetic world can appreciate!

* 7. Best Goth Oriented Novel or Literature of 2012?

* 8. Top Goth Related Story of 2012?

* 9. Favorite VF cult?

* 10. Favorite VF Member?