* 1. What type of theater organization do you primarily work in?

* 2. How many productions do you mount a year or a season?

* 3. Do you have your own venue?

* 4. Where do you build and paint sets, make costumes, store props, etc.? Please check all that apply.

* 5. Which of the following design and tech positions do you have? Check all that apply

  Permanent (paid staff) Hired as needed Volunteer N/A
Set designer
Lighting designer
Costume/makeup/hair designer
Sound designer
Props designer
Technical director
Shop forepersons (sets/lights/costumes/etc.)
Scenic painters

* 6. Do you have a technical resource library?

* 7. Do you have college or university training in any of the following areas?

  Yes, bachelor degree or above Some training (no degree) No formal training N/A
Set design
Scenery construction/painting/rigging
Lighting design
Lighting tech (hanging/focusing/cabling/control)
Costume design
Costume sewing/draping/accessorizing
Sound design and technology
Stage management
Theater management

* 8. Do you use online tech theater resources (blogs/chat rooms/etc.)?

* 9. What subjects would you like to see covered (or covered more) in the setdesignandtech blog? Check all that apply

* 10. Would you be interested in a series of booklets on specific topics, available for download for $5 to $10 each, on any of the following topics? Check all you want.