eLearning Industry 2012: Outlook and Trends

Dear Participants,

Being one of the leaders in eLearning development, Harbinger Knowledge Products takes constant efforts to get abreast of the latest trends and new development in the industry. Every year, we ask our customers and all those engaged in eLearning a few questions in order to evaluate the impact that recent industry and technology developments have had on eLearning efforts within their organizations.

You are invited to participate in our study because we consider you a learning and performance professional, and we would love to hear your thoughts to help uncover new industry trends.

This is a study on the eLearning industry; it is not related to products and services offered by Harbinger Knowledge Products.

WHO should participate in our study?
If you are involved in the development or delivery of online (or blended) learning / training content and have experience using eLearning tools, your participation in this study will be extremely valuable. The survey has 14 questions and will take only a few minutes to complete.

RESULTS of this study:
All study participants will receive the study summary report in April 2012. The report will be sent to the email address provided by participants at the end of survey.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our study!

Janhavi Padture
Associate Vice President, Strategy & Research
Harbinger Knowledge Products