Seattle's Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program has partnered with the City's bicycle program to install 50 public bicycle parking racks near buildings with high demand for bicycle parking, at no cost to the property owners.

Please complete the following form by January 31, 2015, to have your request considered. The first 50 requests whose proposed locations meet the following criteria will be selected.

Requested bike racks must:

*be out of the pedestrian pathway and preferably three feet from the curb
*be on concrete or asphalt, so we can securely install the rack
*be within the public right of way
*be clear of fire hydrants and other utilities

If we approve your request, we’ll contact you by February 28, 2015, to coordinate the exact location of the bike rack.

We will prioritize building locations that:

• are conditioned to implement a Transportation Management Plan (TMP) and/or have tenants that are participating in the City's CTR program


• currently do not have public bicycle parking at their site

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