Dear Startup Founder,

The purpose of the survey you are completing is to create the first Hungarian Startup Report. This is an important effort for us as we strive to understand the local startup ecosystem, its challenges and growth opportunities better, as well as making the industry measurable and comparable year by year. 

We know that the most precious resource of startup founders is time. The survey will take 30-40 minutes, and we really appreciate you sharing thoughtful answers to the survey questions. Your contribution is crucial and will enable Startup Hungary to represent your interests in a dialogue with investors, large businesses and public administration.

You might find some of the questions in this survey sensitive. Not all questions are obligatory, and at some, you have the option to pick “prefer not to answer”. That said we would really appreciate it if you answered as many questions as possible.

Even if you skip questions, please don’t leave the survey incomplete!  Don't worry if you can't finish the survey with one go, your answers are auto-saved and you will be able to continue where you left off.

We can assure you that your responses and data will be treated with full confidentiality. The published results will be generalized and will never be assigned to specific startups.

In the survey, we understand the notion of "company" or "startup" as a single project (in the sense of a separate product/service). If your company carries out more "startups", please fill out the survey for the most important one. If your startup is not yet formally registered, you can still fill out the questionnaire, but mark this fact in the right places, please.

The “Hungarian Startup Report 2020” will be published by Startup Hungary in Q1, 2021. .It will be free and available for anyone in English and Hungarian.

Your time and dedication mean a lot to us.

Thank you!

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