1. McNair Scholar Alumni Survey

The McNair Scholars Program at Southeast Missouri State University would like to know the latest about our former McNair Scholars. By filling out this survey, you are not only helping us complete our annual federal report but keeping the McNair program staff, mentors and other McNair Scholars up-to-date.

* Please complete the following:

* Did you apply to a graduate program:

* If accepted and you did not enroll, why not?

* Are you currently enrolled in a university?

* Degree currently pursuing (check all that apply):

* If you are pursuing a graduate degree, please complete the following:

* Degrees; Institution(s) that awarded the degrees; dates degrees were received:

* Final Comments:
Describe your successes or challenges as a graduate student.
How can the McNair Scholars Program better prepare McNair Scholars?
If you are not in graduate school, tell us what you are doing now.
If you have already earned a doctorate, what advice would you give current McNair Scholars?