Application Deadline:
* March 15, 2012: Undergraduate Applicants
* June 15, 2012: Graduate Students

Applications will be reviewed using the following criteria: academics, professional commitment, spiritual sensitivity, leadership, service, and financial need.

* 1. Please provide the following information:

* 2. Please provide the following information:

* 3. Gender:

* 4. Program:

* 5. Endorsement Area(s) (If applicable):

* 6. Ethnicity:

* 7. Graduate Students: Do you qualify for the Kingswood Scholarship as a current educator in a private Christian school?

* 8. Graduate Students: Do you qualify for the Ethnic Diversity Scholarship?

* 9. The mission of the School of Education includes four traits: competence, character, service and leadership. Describe yourself in relationship to each of these traits and how those traits contribute to your success and your positive impact in schools. (500 words or less)

* 10. Why do you want to become an educator? Or: Why are you an educator? Please provide examples of your experience. (300 words or less)

* 11. Please describe your own spirituality and explain how it guides you as an educator. (300 words or less)

* 12. Describe why your current financial need qualifies you for a scholarship. (300 words or less)

Scholarship Application SOE
Revised Februay 2012