Entrepreneur Hub - Barossa Community Feedback

This survey has been prepared to collect information from Barossa business stakeholders about the feasibility of establishing an Entrepreneur Hub.  The current vision is for the Hub to be a 'not-for-profit' community venture, providing as shared space for local entrepreneurs and small business to work and develop ideas that invigorate the Barossa community.  

Your feedback about facilities, activities and management of the Hub is genuinely sought.  We value alternative ideas and suggestions.   

We thank you for your time and input and invite you to contact one of our team if you would like additional information.


Elena Rudnik (elena.rudnik@flinders.edu.au)
Allira Naulty (allira.naulty@pernod-richard.com)
Skye Thompson (skyet30@live.com)
Marc Van Haderen (mvanhalderen@yalumba.com)