1. Cedar Hill's Distinctive Character

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Cedar Hill's Distinctive Character is a part of what our City is and who our citizens represent. The goal of this City Council derived initiative is to explore what the community acknowledges as the existing character and what we can do in the future to foster the type of community that generations to come choose to live, work and play in.

Cedar Hill Vision Statement:
We envision Cedar Hill as a premier City that retains its distinctive character, where families and businesses flourish in a safe and clean environment.

In December 2008, the City Council went through a visioning exercise and asked the question: What do we want Cedar Hill's distinctive character to look like in 20 years. Below is just a few descriptions of what is envisioned:

* Generation choose to live, work and play in Cedar Hill
* Citizens enjoy a Small town feel, friendly atmosphere,
people who are genuinely nice, polite and common
* Citizens are ethical, honest and full of integrity
* City, Businesses, Churches, Neighborhoods, Citizens,
Government, Civic clubs, Boards and Commissions,
Schools and youth sports organizations are all active
participants in maintaining the distinctive character
of the City

* 1. How would you describe Cedar Hill's Distinctive Character?

* 2. What can be done to improve / change / retain our Distinctive Character?

* 3. What are you committed to do to improve / change / retain Cedar Hill's Distinctive Character?

* 4. If you would like more information about the City's Distinctive Character Initiative, please insert your name and information below.

* 5. Other comments?