1. Check your understanding:

In order to check your understanding, the answers to these questions are available on the 2nd page of this quiz. Please compare your answers prior to clicking the done link.

* 1. Your Name:

* 3. HIV and HBV are the only bloodborne threats that you face?

* 4. Mucous membranes are a potential route of entry into the body for bloodborne pathogens?

* 5. HBV dies as soon as it leaves the body and comes in contact with air?

* 6. Everytime you remove your gloves you must wash your hands with soap and running water as soon as you possibly can?

* 7. You should choose your protective equipment according to the task you are going to perform?

* 8. A person should use latex/vinyl gloves as often as feasible before disposing of them?

* 9. Waterless cleansers and antiseptic towellettes are best practice when washing your hands?

* 10. If you are exposed and know where the blood came from, you do not need to report it?

* 11. If you have been vaccinated and have blood exposure, you do not need to worry about reporting the exposure?